2012 Calendar Year End May Prove Rewarding

I am excited and hopeful that the end of the current calendar year will bring about new projects for Frontline.  There are strong similarities between the end of the Federal fiscal year and the calendar year, as both share a strong interest in clearing projects off the table.  We are actually coming up on the end of the first quarter in the Federal fiscal year and there are most definitely some projects we are pursuing in this area.

Although we have yet to hear a response to our bid for the dining facility in Fort Hood, I have communicated with the contracting officer and she stated that project would definitely be awarded by the end of this calendar year.  We have also pursued what I refer to as “niche” projects and have located one a little over an hour away in Austin.  This particular project requires some rental equipment and because I am a Tier One supplier for the second largest rental company in the world, Sunbelt Rentals, this presented a great opportunity for Frontline.

This project entailed upgrading of the electrical infrastructure for a V.A. data center there in Austin, and in fact, I believe this is the largest data center for this half of the country.  If they were to suffer a power failure, it could mean the loss of volumes and volumes of personnel data on veterans throughout the country.  To circumvent this loss from ever happening, they needed a room for more servers to increase their capacity.  A secondary and smaller project included installation of back-up generators, and they needed a UPS which is an Uninterruptible Power Source.  Originally we pursued this from a prime or general contractor standpoint.  However, when we requested answers to several technical questions, they were slow to respond with those answers.  Because of this time lapse in response, we decided instead to pursue it as a sub-contract job, which bettered our chances of being a part of this project.

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