Podcast: Veteran’s Resource for Entrepreneurs

There are many programs to help veterans get back into the workforce, especially on the state level. Each state has their own program in place to help veterans find work. For example, I live in Texas, and we have a lot of programs to help the large number of veterans

Podcast: Are you too conventional? Success and thinking outside the box

At Frontline Support Solutions, we help veterans figure out what they want to do once they get out of the military. This blog aims to help folks that are interested in starting their own businesses and creating value for their families. Everybody wants a high-paying, satisfying job. My passion is

Podcast: Lean on Your Mentors

In my last blog, I discussed continuing education and getting veterans back to work after they leave the military. I talked about mentorship, which I feel is one of the more important aspects of life. In the military, I had folks that took me under their wings and helped me

Podcast: Opportunities for Veterans – Making it Happen

In the news lately, we hear a lot about homeless veterans and unemployed veterans. With the military coming out of Iraq and many vets returning home, there is some concern that these will become bigger problems. Where a lot of people see problems, I see opportunities. This issue hits very