Podcast: Aligning Business Ideas with Your Passion

I get a lot of questions for advice. Mainly because I encourage people to ask. I have a passion for helping veterans get employed and start their own businesses. Advice is like an elbow, everybody’s got a couple of them. Advice is what you make of it, and folks ask

Podcast: Forming a Mentor-Protege Relationship

Business to Business mentorship is something that I’m a strong believer in. In fact I actually have a mentor protégé relationship with a large business. I’ve known lot of the folks in this industry for many years and I’ve had relationship with leaders in a local company called Bartlett Cocke

Podcast: Creativity in Contracting – Turning the Big Company into the Sub-Contractor

Last year, I was awarded a project to establish a waste recycling program at the VA hospital here in San Antonio and in Kerrville, Texas. It’s another VA hospital about an hour and a half away. I knew that I had some skills and experience in waste recycling because I’ve

Guard Chief Says Returning NG Vets at 20% Unemployment

The Department of Defense estimates that 20 percent of National Guard airmen and soldiers have no civilian jobs when they return from service in Southwest Asia. A friend of mine sent me an interesting note regarding this fact about our fellow National Guard troops. This is, in my opinion, totally