Podcast: The Logistics of Moving Your Business

We are now completely moved and settled into Frontline’s new office space.  A friend told me that you know you’re moved in once there are pictures hanging on the wall.  My reply to him was to ask if it counted if they were leaning instead of hanging!  When we were

Podcast: Relocating to Be Near Your Customers

Frontline has now completed its relocation, which we carried out on April 2nd.  Although we didn’t have too much equipment to move, we still had furniture to move into our office, as well as newly purchased furniture.  Needless to say, it was a bit backbreaking, but we were happy to

Podcast: Relocating to Improve the Customer Experience

Last week I talked about issues involved in relocating your business. Today, it’s about the deal. In the move of my wife’s Jazzercise business, we are now at the stage of negotiating what the landlord is going to pony up for the internal finish out, the renovation of the actual

Podcast: What to Think About When Moving Your Business

Spring got here early and we’ve gone through some major challenges here…some good ones. We’ve just completed a major move from across town into a new facility and it will afford us plenty of space for all our people. We have 10 folks now! Two years ago this month, it

Podcast: Getting Into Business

Life at Frontline Support Solutions has been busy. We’ve been growing and moving to a new facility and trying to set up shop and it’s been a whirlwind. It’s been great though. It’s what I like about being a business owner. I’ve been asked about whether it’s best to start