Podcast: Know Your Elected Officials

Following my last podcast concerning becoming involved in your Chamber of Commerce, I want to address the vital necessity of becoming acquainted with your local chain of command in government. Even though some of these elected officials may have little to no direct influence on your particular industry, there’s a

Podcast: Get Involved with Your Local Chamber of Commerce

If you are an entrepreneur and own your own business, I definitely recommend you expand your horizons and become involved with your local Chamber of Commerce. No matter what size city or town you happen to reside or work in, if you are a businessman and a business leader, you

Podcast: Meeting Challenges Head on as an Entrepreneur

Falling in line with my last blog concerning contingency plans for an organization, I am going to start by reiterating that it’s best to remain flexible when presented with challenges. I’m reminded of that wonderful child’s toy, Gumby. We all need to be more like Gumby who could move and

Podcast: Sustainability In Organizational “Up’s & Downs”

One thing I learned while serving in the military is that it is essential to not only expect to encounter challenges, but to make sure you are prepared with a contingency plan firmly in place. It’s easy to relax and be happy when the “ups” are prevalent, but how we