Targeting Your-End Fallout Funds, Part V

Becoming Established as a Federal Contracting Firm If you are a newly established business or someone seeking to start a contracting business, and your target market is Federal contracts, then you definitely need to take advantage of the time period I have been discussing in the last four blogs, that

Targeting Year-End Fallout Funds, Part IV

Establishing Relationships Within Your Target Market Although I stated something similar in prior blogs, it bears repeating that a newly established company can definitely capitalize on creating new business, as well as establishing some past performance in the year-end drive to negotiate projects. A good place to start is to

Targeting Year-End Fallout Funds, Part III

We previously covered why it is important to pay close attention to the third quarter of the Federal fiscal year-end and I want to discuss some ideas on tactical approaches in pursuing contracts with these government agencies. Positioning is definitely a key element in opening doors to these types of

Targeting Year-End Fallout Funds – Part II

Small businesses should never sit still and marketing should be part of your daily focus if you are a business owner. Here at Frontline, I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to perfect my marketing skills. As I mentioned before, one of the best opportunities for a Federal contractor occurs

Targeting Year-End Fallout Funds

September 30th is an important date for those of us in the construction industry and, in fact, the last quarter of the Federal fiscal year is when I really begin targeting opportunities. This is when contracting officers and Federal agencies begin seriously considering how money will be spent that is