Approaching Referrals Responsibly

Learning to Listen Once you have gained a referral, your approach with that person or company should be conducted with some tact. After all, they really have no experience with you and your company and you have as yet to become acquainted. In my own business, I prefer to approach

Establishing Your Referral Campaign

As I discussed in my last blog, seeking out referrals should be a priority for any business owner as those referrals turn into literal “nuggets of gold.” In discussing maximizing referrals with my business coaches, a key component in this process is developing an actual campaign.

Networking and Maximizing Client Referrals

We’ve covered in much detail in prior blogs how important it is to be prepared for the end of the Federal fiscal year. Now, it is approaching rapidly and here at Frontline, we are all going non-stop in preparation. However, there are other areas that attention should be given as

Targeting Year-End Fallout Funds, Part VI

Coordinating as a Team Each year, about mid-way through the third quarter, we hold a conference between my broker managers, project managers and superintendents. We discuss current projects and establish strategies for pursuing other possible work. During this time period, we target contracting officers and establish contact with their technical