Collaborative work in Service Contracting

In my years in business, I have collaborated with both large and small businesses in an effort to project my company’s capabilities. If a company possesses certain skillsets that I am seeking, size of the company is not an issue. Some companies are strictly service or maintenance type contractors, while

Upcoming Election Stalls Prospective Construction Project

As I stated in a previous blog, our looming presidential election is negatively impacting business processes and we have now seen this firsthand here at Frontline. We bid on a project at Fort Hood back in August, and although Fort Hood is a few hours away from San Antonio, this

Election Uncertainty Impacts Business

It is a fact that our country has been meshed in election mode for well over a year and a half now and while there are a few positive aspects through this period of time, unfortunately it’s the negative aspects that really tip the scale. When you consider the uncertainty,

Obtaining Federal Contractor Certification

Obtaining certification for veteran or service disabled veterans who are in business is a process that needs to have careful attention to detail and instructions.  The V.A. has streamlined the process considerably by developing an on line certification process; however, it can still be somewhat tedious and frustrating for applicants.