Employing Veterans In A Repressed Economy

Although there were challenges when I returned to civilian life after serving active military duty, those who are returning now are met with their own set of difficulties. There is no avoiding the fact that our economy is still suffering greatly, and the present unemployment rate remains quite high throughout

Maintaining Healthy Credit In A Business

A healthy credit rating in today’s corporate world is an essential element in keeping a business operating professionally. Good or bad credit can impact the ability for a business to seek out a loan, or in establishing a line of credit with a bank. With weak or negative credit, you

Credit Monitoring for Veterans

Most people now are aware that they should monitor their credit report on a regular basis, preferably yearly. Because I am a service disabled vet, my medical needs are handled through the Department of Veteran Affairs. The V.A. is diligent in safeguarding personal information for all vets; however, a couple

Vets Starting Businesses Should Get Their Credit Report In Shape

If you’re a veteran and you’re trying to start a business, having a clean and accurate credit report is one of the most important things that you can do. You can do a check on your own personal financial history, and it’s free. The Federal Trade Commission recommends a site

HONORable Service, Chase offers business assistance to veterans through UTSA program

Friends, I got a call a few months ago and was asked about the local Small Business Development Center. These are the organizations that are federally funded and usually operated out of an affiliated university.  My town’s happens to be located at the University of Texas at San Antonio, downtown

Waste Management Project Presents Intriguing Challenges

My prior blog discussed our involvement in establishing a waste diversion and recycling program with local Veterans Administration Hospitals in San Antonio and Kerrville and I want to share more detail in how this project began and what we are trying to accomplish.