Establishing an Accountability Partner For Goal Setting

Previously I was discussing goal setting in business and while we are on the subject, I wanted to mention something I have established in order to further Frontline’s accountability. While at a business conference recently, I made the acquaintance of a woman who has owned a business in Florida for

Establishing Realistic Yearly Goals in Business

Maintaining good business goals involves planning, and that in turn involves setting aside time to make those plans. Good resources and accurate information can make all the difference in attaining those goals and from a sales standpoint, Frontline relies quite a bit on procurement forecasts from various agencies.  I mainly

Locating Federal Jobs through Procurements

I think I’ve stated before that we are always on the lookout for work opportunities, and this is an ongoing process.  The real question is, “How do you know when these Federal jobs will become available?” My team and I meet and make a decision as to which agencies should

Learning to Multiply Capabilities, How to Salvage a Bid

In my last blog I mentioned pursuing a project for the V.A. data center in Austin, Texas, but because of failure to receive answers to my questions in a timely manner, I was forced to rethink my strategy.  I want to go into a little more detail in how Frontline

2012 Calendar Year End May Prove Rewarding

I am excited and hopeful that the end of the current calendar year will bring about new projects for Frontline.  There are strong similarities between the end of the Federal fiscal year and the calendar year, as both share a strong interest in clearing projects off the table.  We are