Advice and Assistance for those Starting a Federal Contracting Business

When I began these podcasts months ago, I had a simple objective behind my motivation. That objective was to provide assistance to those veterans and disabled service veterans who sought to establish themselves as entrepreneurs. Although I’ve covered a lot of territory that might not seem necessarily related to that

Contracting Ethics Should be a Priority

Ethics are something that we begin learning in our childhood with lessons from our parents. Every American should strive to live by the Golden Rule, and this applies not only to individuals, but to business owners as well. We all are aware of businesses out there who don’t make this

Overcoming Questionable Ethics

Frontline submitted a bid for a Federal job for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs in Austin this last quarter, but as time passes, we are becoming less optimistic about being awarded the job. This project required renovation of the electrical system and emergency backup power for their data center and

Lessons Learned from Bid Losses

As of late, although we have placed several bids, we have not been awarded any of those projects. I knew we were competitive in those bids, so I requested a debriefing with our Federal contractor. Because these were jobs that utilized Federal money, we are allowed to make this request.