Family versus Business Equals a Fine Balance

It probably goes without saying that this kind of balancing act is never an easy task. I strive daily to achieve this balance because without it, things go downhill very fast. Being human, it’s only natural that things get off track on occasion and unfortunately, I fell victim to a

Delegating of Marketing & Advertising

A little lesson I learned a long time ago is that if you are in command, then you need to command, and this absolutely applies to both marketing and advertising.  As President of Frontline, I am in charge of everything.  Following the advice of my mentors, I learned I should

Legislative Sessions Require Proper Presentation and Preparation

In continuation of my discussions concerning our recent legislative sessions, I want to elaborate a little more on why it is so important to be prepared in advance if someone plans to participate. In my experience, the majority of elected officials enjoy the opportunity to discuss specific business matters with

Lobbying for Interest-Specific Legislature in Texas

As I’ve stated in past blog posts, I belong to the Greater Chamber of Commerce here in San Antonio, and as a member, I participate in lobbying efforts during our legislative sessions. Texas operates it’s legislature on a biennial basis, meaning that it meets every two years. Personally I feel