Frontline Podcast: Moving from a Military Mindset to an Entrepreneurial Mindset

I am a civilian now, and I have been working with veterans since I got out of the military back in ‘98. It is a fun thing to do. The goal of this blog is to help other folks that are coming out of the military to make that transition.

Frontline Podcast: The Importance of Mentorship and Reconnecting

Whether you’ve been in the military for 2 years or 20, the transition from being a military person into civilian life can be a challenge. We’ll be exploring a lot on this subject, but one of the really important things to consider is mentorship. Once you decide you’re going to

Frontline Podcast: The transition from military to civilian life – it’s not always easy

Transition is always a difficult situation in anything you do whether it’s from the military to civilian life or  even in the military from one job posting to another. Eventually everyone has to exit the military. Sometimes sooner then expected. Before it actually happens, anxiety levels start to go up.

Frontline Podcast: An Intro to Frontline Support Solutions and Joe Perez

Frontline Support Solutions hires veterans and service-disabled veterans into the construction and facility support services industries. For me, Joe, this is more than just a job. This is who I am. I think hiring veterans and service-disabled veterans is a calling I’ve had over the last few years. I’ve identified

So Tell Me, What Do Know How To Do

Looking back about a year ago, when I decided to step down as the VP of Operations from my family’s successful and award-winning small business, I believe there was one question that was the most pivotal.  The one that forced me to step back and think about what it was that I truly knew how to do.

The 6th Annual NVSB Conference and Expo

July 18, 2010 – President and founder of Frontline Support Solutions, LLC, Jose Perez, travels to Las Vegas to attend The 6th Annual National Veterans Small Business Conference and Expo. “I have seen this event grow each year since its humble beginnings in 2004,” said Mr. Perez.

Veterans Affairs Hospital Project Awarded

In less than two months of its founding, Frontline Support Solutions is awarded a $49,000.00, walking track renovation project for the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Kerrville, TX. FSS competed against field of nine established businesses and was selected as the best value contractor based on technical merit and approach. The

Frontline Support Solutions, LLC is born

May 1, 2010 – “People tell me that it’s probably not the best time to start a company,” said Jose Perez, founder of the service disabled veteran owned company. “I say it’s the perfect time,” he continued “because our country needs it.” Mr. Perez is convinced that veterans will be a key component for the recovery of our economy. They are being discharge from the military in numbers reminiscent of past conflicts and as history shows are a critical factor in economic recovery. “Our house has been badly damaged,” Mr. Perez said, “but our country’s sons and daughters are returning from war…