Personally Authoring a Book to Assist Veteran Entrepreneurship

I’m of the opinion that everyone has at least one book in them and after speaking with some of my friends who are authors, apparently they agree with this philosophy, so now it’s my turn to find a book in me.  This is actually something I’ve thought about for quite

The Sequester Takes Effect

As a small business owner, I saw this coming at me, but there was little I could do to prepare for it.  The Sequester affects all federal workers regardless of what capacity they may be working in for the federal government and the effects were felt almost immediately, although they

Frontline Support Solutions Team Recognized

On May 17th Jose (Joe) Perez our Founder was recognized by the Small Business Administration’s as the Veteran Small Business Champion of the Year.  Joe was presented the award by the SBA Region VI Administrator Yolanda Olivarez at the 2013 Small Business Week Awards Luncheon held at the Omni Colonnade

Collaboration Demands Integrity from all Partners

When I reach an agreement to partner with another company, I’m not expecting them to be just like my company in regards to how they run their business.  What I do expect is to reach that agreement with a good feeling that we can work well together and that the

Successful Partnerships between Companies Requires Upfront Planning

Much of what I blog about stems from experiences of a positive nature, but I also believe in passing along my less than positive interactions so that, hopefully, someone else can avoid the same problems.  Frontline is involved in a situation currently which stems from a collaboration formed with another

Finding Your Own Personal “Why”

069 Since I’ve been on the subject of my recent attendance to a seminar follow-up, I thought I should go into a little more detail about what I brought home from that follow-up from a more personal level.  I covered how it helped me from a sales and marketing standpoint,

Economical Alternatives to Seminar Attendance

In the last few blog posts, I’ve elaborated on the importance of professional and self-development through attending seminars.  Seminars come in many different price ranges and I’ve paid as little as $250 per day for a seminar, all the way up to $10,000 for a four day seminar, but for

Professional Development Continues After Schooling

When I was in the military, I learned steps to professional development in my chosen career.  The military has actually offered this forever and I learned valuable leadership steps from them through courses they offered.  The sad truth is, you attend school, you attend college and maybe advanced studies, but

Learning “Focus” in Professional Development as a Small Business Owner

Four or five months ago, I talked about a seminar I attended and the main theme was on the word “focus.”  This particular seminar included an actual follow-up, which is a bit unusual, but it served as an extension of what we discussed earlier.  This follow-up described how we as