Military Range Facility Management

Focus On Your Target, Not On The Plumbing

The lighting, grass mowing, plumbing, or PA system of the firing range does not cross the mind of the person aiming down range trying to qualify expert with their rifle. They only focus on getting that perfect shot again and again, tuning their firearms and bodies into reliable warfighting machines. The facilities they use have to support their pursuit so they can keep that focus.

There is a great deal more to managing a military range facility than the users of the ranges even think about. Beyond the maintenance of the facility, there are special concerns such as the repair and replacement of targets, and the maintenance of the roads and grounds around the facility. Instead of hiring a full staff to help maintain your range, you can simplify by taking advantage of the teams we already have.

Frontline Support Solutions is able to service a wide variety of military facilities from small and medium arms ranges to tactical training ranges, from Movement Over Urban Terrain or MOUT ranges to vehicle and tank ranges. As a company familiar with the needs of the military, we can provide a variety of services that we provide to civilian companies as well including:

  • Mechanical
  • HVAC
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Utility Metering
  • Roads and Grounds Maintenance
  • Specialty Waste Diversion and Management
  • Materials Recovery

We also have the capability of disposing of old and inoperable munitions up to fifty caliber.

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