Operations and Maintenance – Scheduled Preventative and Deferred Maintenance Management

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Taken Out Of Your Wallet

Buildings that last longer than ten years are going to feel the effects of time. While you focus on the day to day operation of your business, your building and its grounds can become dysfunctional and even unsafe if not regularly maintained. Scheduled maintenance will prevent many issues that can become problems if left unchecked.

Frontline focuses on taking the stress off of you. We will perform the maintenance for you, and can manage all scheduling and execution of preventative maintenance recommended for all MEP and property infrastructure. We are able to also perform soft services including budget development, energy and waste auditing, and resource measurements. If you prefer to have another company perform the work needed for repairs, we can manage the quality assurance and report to your agency instead.

The life of your buildings and grounds can be extended by taking advantage of our operations and preventative maintenance programs, which saves you money from replacing parts and equipment unnecessarily. We also help you determine realistic expectations for the life of the facilities you have and can help you budget for it. Let’s face it, a road on a small arms range will last much longer than a road on a range that supports Abrams tanks.

What we can do for your facilities greatly depends on the age and status of your property when you ask us to take over. No amount of preventative maintenance can undo prolonged effects of extended deferred maintenance or unchecked neglect.

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