Solid Waste Disposal

Q: How much trash do you create? A: More than you think.

Solid Waste Disposal is the removal of what is widely thought of as trash. These items make their way to the landfill, as there are not recyclable and do not pose a threat to the environment by being buried. Or does it? No one, unless you are in the trash business, has a degree in “Trash.” Since you probably don’t have this type of degree, you don’t really know all the items that can be recycled from what is thrown away each day.

The average person creates more than four pounds of waste each day. When multiplied by the number of people working in a building, that trash can pile up quickly. In the United States alone over 250 million tons of waste are created every year. That’s 1,538 pounds of trash each American sends to local landfills each year. Our individual contributions to the trash generated in our communities, costs us more each and every year. That’s nuts. Let us show you how to recycle and/or divert a good percentage of your waste from going into your local landfill. Some of these wastes can actually be sold as a commodity and you can make money instead of giving it away.

The management and removal of solid waste is a basic need of every business. Our team can help implement processes to recycle and divert wastes at the point at which its generated, and help you make money on your trash instead of what you are doing now.

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