Waste Recycling Program Development and Implementation

Recycling Is Making More Sense For Your Company – And Your Wallet

Too many companies simply trash all the waste they produce, and the recycling bins of other are there only to make them look good. Recycling can get dumped in with the trash because it gets polluted with waste that doesn’t belong, such as food or chemical contaminated materials. The blue bin capture system that cities use for individuals does not work nearly as well on a business scale.

Each individual and every company has a responsibility to themselves to take care of the place they live in. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 75% of trash generated is recyclable, but only 30% is actually recycled. Some of this comes from a lack of education, some from a lack of effort. We believe in helping companies develop and implement waste recycling programs to decrease this shortfall.

Our waste recycling program works in concert with the city’s service provider to implement recycling on the scale that businesses need. We collect from multiple sites on a daily basis and consolidated with a 40 cubic yard compactor, then take it to a local Material Recycling Facility. There the materials are separated into the various commodities just as the city’s blue bin captures are.

When we work with your business, we help you define what trash you currently generate can be recycled and help to educate your employees of these guidelines as well. Beyond simple recyclables, there are also items that can be repurposed that we help you segregate as well to further reduce your waste. You can be in the business of serving your customers and serve the protection of the environment at the same time. 

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