Facility Support Services & Construction

 Facility Support Services

  • Waste Recycling Program Development and Implementation
  • Solid Waste Removal
  • Specialized Waste Management – Illicit Drugs, Contraband, Disaster Generated Wastes, etc.
  • Military Range Facility Management
    • Mechanical, HVAC, Energy Management Systems, Utility Metering, Roads & Grounds Maintenance, Specialty Waste Diversion and Management, Materials Recover, etc.
  • Operations and Maintenance – Scheduled Preventative and Deferred Maintenance Management
  • Small Tools, Parts, and Supplies Store Operations for Federal Installations 
  • Construction Division I – Support Services and Project Management
    • Construction Office/Trailer Support
    • Plans and Document Management, Storage, and Disposal
    • Materials and Equipment Logistics – Inventory, JIT Purchasing, Control, and Distribution
    • Perimeter and Security Barriers

Sustainable & Minor Construction Services

  • General Construction & Building Renovation Services
  • Mechanical & HVAC Installation & Commissioning
  • Sustainable Building Renovations and Updating
    • Lighting Replacement/Reconfiguration
    • Window Replacement & Filming
    • Solar-Thermal Heating
    • Radiant Barrier Paint & Foils
  • Alternative Energy Integration
    • Solar Technology Integration
    • Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Installation