Balancing those “Just a Minute” Business Snafu’s

In my last blog, I covered how I handle balancing family and business, and in this blog, I want to focus on balancing my business hours. We have all experienced someone coming to us and asking, “Do you have a minute?”  We all know that a minute can turn into

Family versus Business Equals a Fine Balance

It probably goes without saying that this kind of balancing act is never an easy task. I strive daily to achieve this balance because without it, things go downhill very fast. Being human, it’s only natural that things get off track on occasion and unfortunately, I fell victim to a

Election Uncertainty Impacts Business

It is a fact that our country has been meshed in election mode for well over a year and a half now and while there are a few positive aspects through this period of time, unfortunately it’s the negative aspects that really tip the scale. When you consider the uncertainty,

Guard Chief Says Returning NG Vets at 20% Unemployment

The Department of Defense estimates that 20 percent of National Guard airmen and soldiers have no civilian jobs when they return from service in Southwest Asia. A friend of mine sent me an interesting note regarding this fact about our fellow National Guard troops. This is, in my opinion, totally

So Tell Me, What Do Know How To Do

Looking back about a year ago, when I decided to step down as the VP of Operations from my family’s successful and award-winning small business, I believe there was one question that was the most pivotal.  The one that forced me to step back and think about what it was that I truly knew how to do.