Economical Alternatives to Seminar Attendance

In the last few blog posts, I’ve elaborated on the importance of professional and self-development through attending seminars.  Seminars come in many different price ranges and I’ve paid as little as $250 per day for a seminar, all the way up to $10,000 for a four day seminar, but for the small business owner, sometimes even the least expensive ones are out of reach in the beginning.  However, there are some really good alternatives out there and I believe in taking full advantage of those more affordable avenues.

For starters, I’m an avid subscriber of Success magazine, and in each issue they give you an audio CD that delivers lessons and advice on many of the same things you find when you attend a seminar.  I carry these around in my truck all the time and in many cases, I listen to them multiple times.  They’re not long, about 15 to 20 minutes or so, but I have found that if I miss something the first few times I listen to them, I’ll usually catch little morsels after listening repeatedly.  My subscription costs about $40 a year, far less than the cost of a seminar.

I also have recordings from Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes to name a few.  All of these have the same focus and that is to help me improve my business and myself.  I’ve actually listened to some of them in excess of 20 times or more and it’s no different from listening to music on your iPod in that you may hear the same song, but it still delivers a message or a tune you want to hear.  Sometimes I hit roadblocks in my work and I’ll hear something from one of these great speakers that really hits home with me at that particular point in time.  It might be something that didn’t really apply to me before, but now it’s exactly the advice I need to hear to get me past those roadblocks.

These audio CD’s are offered at a nominal price as compared to what I would pay for the cost of a seminar, meals and airfare, especially since seminars are so rarely in close proximity to where I live.  These CD’s come in the form of interviews or discussions that are easy to follow and offer great advice on subjects I take a lot of interest in.  In fact, this is the reason I do my podcasts and blog posts; I want to help those who share an interest in small business ownership and especially those who are service disabled veterans who have a desire to own a business.  My goal is to present this information in an up-to-date format where someone can go through the archives and find exactly what they need to learn more about on a certain topic.

I guess at this point, I should add my normal contact information, so if anyone wants to further discuss anything in these blogs, they can contact me.  As always, you can add your comments below or contact me directly.