Family versus Business Equals a Fine Balance

It probably goes without saying that this kind of balancing act is never an easy task. I strive daily to achieve this balance because without it, things go downhill very fast.

Being human, it’s only natural that things get off track on occasion and unfortunately, I fell victim to a loss of balance on a recent Sunday.

Typically, Sunday is a family day for me, but I made an exception this particular day and tried to combine business and family.  First, my wife ended up needing to fill in unexpectedly for a sick employee in her jazzercise business.  My daughter needed to be picked up across town at a friend’s house, and my wife was supposed to take our son to the last day of rodeo and I ended up needing to take him myself.  I totally forgot about a scheduled meeting with a business acquaintance because literally everything was turned upside down, and my mind spaced out on me.

Thankfully, this is a rare occurrence and most of the time, things stay on track for me, at least more on track than that eventful Sunday.  I firmly believe in family time and can speak from past experience on this.  My prior marriage suffered immensely when I was in the military because I immersed myself in work, and it was a real learning experience for me.  Now I prioritize much differently and remind myself that it is after all, my family is who I work for.  Schedules can still conflict at times, but I try not to allow it to become a habit.

Proper Scheduling Helps in Placing Priorities

I have several things in place that help control sudden disruptions in my day and one of those things is keeping an up-to-date calendar that syncs with both my laptop and my smartphone.  I spend a lot of time making sure my calendar is accurate and can’t help but see a similarity with the ‘80’s when people relied on Rolodexes and Day Planners.  Nothing has changed; it’s just all electronic now.

I block out times for different things and when I get home for family time, I turn everything off.  I review emails in the morning and I schedule discussions with my coaches as well as my accountability partner.  I take extra precautions to ensure I stay on schedule by setting my alarm on my phone five minutes prior to an appointment.  I also make it a habit to scan my email subject lines and if an email doesn’t have anything as the subject line, I don’t waste time on it – I dump it.

On the subject of emails and subject lines, I highly recommend to anyone wishing to discuss any of my blogs that they make sure they fill in the subject line of their email.  I will get back to you quickly, but having that subject line filled in helps me understand what subject matter it is you’re seeking information or discussion. With that said, feel free to contact me any time.