Finding Your Own Personal “Why”


Since I’ve been on the subject of my recent attendance to a seminar follow-up, I thought I should go into a little more detail about what I brought home from that follow-up from a more personal level.  I covered how it helped me from a sales and marketing standpoint, but one thing that really intrigued me was that it helped me realize I’ve had a lack of interest in supporting anything that was outside of my main focus, that being helping vets.  This follow-up gave me a reason to think about my “why;” why I’m in business for myself and why I started it.

One of the guest speakers at this event was a young man by the name of Jason Russell.  He is the founder of an organization called Invisible Children, and he gave us a very powerful look into a world I was totally unaware of concerning the plight of children in Africa, or more precisely, Uganda.  These children, ages 5 to 14, are abducted at night and are then turned into soldiers and murderers.  I have a 5 year old son and after seeing the pictures and the videos of this taking place over the last 18 to 20 years, I’m astonished more light hasn’t been shed on this.  This one issue motivated this group into action and thus, they created a non-profit organization which has successfully started a groundswell across the country.  The President has even signed legislation early this year in an effort to help track down the instigator of this atrocity, a guy by the name of Joseph Kony.

Learning of this organization led to a change in my thinking and it occurred to me that I need to broaden my horizon of support.  I enthusiastically pledged monetary support to this organization because I have no doubt of its worthiness.  Getting back to my topic, however, this brought me to the point of my own “why,” and I encourage everyone to discover their own personal “why.”  We as Americans are generous by our very natures, but sometimes we are so inundated with pleas for help that we either stop hearing those pleas or we are too confused about who we would truly like to help.  If you fall into either of these scenarios, take a step back and take time to evaluate your “why” reasoning.  I think if you can answer why you are in business or why you choose a certain path in your life, it will help you determine who you may wish to support as well.

As a small business owner, my focus has always been on making money to sustain my business, and I am quite sure I’m not alone in that endeavor.  Making money should not be your only focus in life, however, and if it is, you may be successful, but that success will most likely be short-lived.  It’s a personal choice for all of us, but going back to my military experiences, I have witnessed some pretty horrific things as well as some beautiful things.  Hearing Jason Russell speak brought a lot of those things back to me although I haven’t been in the military since 1998.  It also was a much needed reminder that there are still people in our country who are trying hard to make the world a better place and they truly need our support and help.

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