HONORable Service, Chase offers business assistance to veterans through UTSA program


I got a call a few months ago and was asked about the local Small Business Development Center. These are the organizations that are federally funded and usually operated out of an affiliated university.  My town’s happens to be located at the University of Texas at San Antonio, downtown campus.

One of the university’s campus magazines, Giving, published the short article about our discussion.  The article, Honorable Service, is a short read, but one that highlights the plight of many veterans returning home who are and will have a tough time finding work. For all of you who have been following my audio blog (I appreciate all of your great emails), we have discussed taking advantage of the services your local SBDCs can provide.

This resource and the services they provide are largely unknown to the returning veteran, but are predominantly free of charge.  However, there are some charges that may be incurred if you require additional and/or more detailed personalized services.  The SBDCs are easily found by a simple Google search targeted in your geographical area. For folks living in rural areas, look to the larger metropolitan areas in your state and call the nearest SBDC for POCs in your particular county or parish. Good luck and remember don’t hesitate to contact me with any entrepreneurial questions you may have.

As always, I can best be reached at JPerez@Frontline1.com. Charlie Mike!