Job Available: Electric/Gas Meter Technician

Job Available: Electric/Gas Meter Technician

$13.50 – $17.00 per hour plus weekly cash incentive. All tools provided. Medical benefits begin after 60 days.

Do you thrive in jobs with a stable, harmonic, and consistent environment? Do you practice “Due Diligence” to minimize risk? Do you shy away from small talk choosing rather to get to the meat of the subject? Are you the person that learns a skill, then performs all associated tasks with a singular focus? A focus that is hard to duplicate by others, even as patient as you?

When you learn a skill, you work hard to perfect it, because you need to be the best you can be. You are fit, work well in teams, and can handle a challenge. One of your personal strengths is that you hold yourself highly accountable. When other people see that in you, they try hard to achieve your level of accountability. The way you work is summed up like this: You take a task, start on it, complete it, and prepare to do it again. You like to be an operator and excel in managing tasks that follow a process. Because of this you become a top performer – fast. People call you a machine because of how precise and quick you are.

Does this describe you in a nutshell? If yes, then you are the kind person we want on our team of expert meter technicians. Please paste this link,, into your browser and complete our work traits survey.

We are looking for new team members ready to start work now. We want people who are not afraid of a challenge and like to contribute to a TEAM. We work hard and have fun. We work outside with our hands. We always follow through with what we start. We are fast paced and detailed oriented. Our Teammates do not need close supervision because we are all self-starters and we get the job done!

**U.S. MILITARY VETERANS** are highly encouraged to apply. The ability to be mobile and support temporary assignments in other parts of the country is a plus.

Frontline Support Solutions is fast moving company that focuses on growth. The company was founded by a US Army Veteran. He seeks out and surrounds himself with disciplined and focused people. We want people like us to join the team. We show up on time, every day, and we are ready for the next challenge. We want people who cannot remember the last time they called in sick. We want people that can read and write in English. Not like a college professor, but someone who can communicate in writing, and fully understand a “Want Ad” like this one.


After paid training and successful field certification, you will be able to retrofit standard gas meters with new advanced metering technology. You will also be able to exchange old mechanical electric meters and replace them with new smart meters. Modernizing the community’s utility meters is a significant task, one you can have a hand in accomplishing. The job requires the use and care of small hand tools such as wrenches, screw drivers, and similar tools. Additionally, the technician employs methods and techniques required in repairing and operating small mechanical devices. We will offer paid Classroom and On-the-Job training to all selected Candidates. Once complete, you will become a Skilled Tradesman. Those candidates with Gas or Electric Meter Installation Experience or who are Journeyman Plumbers or Electricians would find this job a good fit. Knowledge of the Cincinnati, OH and Northern Kentucky area preferred.


They are very simple. If you get winded walking up two flights of stairs or have trouble carrying a large bag of dog food from the end of the driveway into your house Do Not even bother applying. This job requires you to walk, kneel, stand, squat, bend, crouch, waist twist, climb stairs, reach to or above shoulder height, reach below shoulder height, lift and carry up to 40 lbs., simple grasping, repetitive use of hand/arm/wrist, and use of protective equipment. You need to be able to walk up to four miles per day and get in and out of a vehicle about 100 times per day.

Apply process:

Complete the Pre-Interview Work Traits Survey by opening the link below into your browser. Thank you.

Job Type: Full-time
Salary: $13.50 – $17.00 per hour