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We Hire 50% Veterans, 50% Civilians,
100% Heroes

We believe in training. We believe in certifying our team members. We believe in paying people a living wage. And, we believe building a cohesive team of veterans and non-veterans works. If you’re willing to answer that call, click on the job below that you want to learn more about, then fill in the form and complete the survey. We will respond in one business day.

Current Positions Available:

Gas/Electric Meter Technician

Recruiter/Executive Assistant

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The men and women who have served our country are coming home, and they have a place in our company, helping to maintain and build commercial facilities across Texas and the rest of the country. Likewise, anyone who is dedicated to the hard work that comes with building a better world can find a place in our ranks as well. We live by and follow our Company Core Values:

Everyone Comes Back To The Green Zone
We believe in everyone coming home to their loved ones – Everyday. Every employee has the authority to stop work on a site if they notice an unsafe practice or event.

Never Leave Your Wingman
We believe the way to success is taking care of each other, including our subcontractors. If we volunteer to help others, they will help us in return.

Troops Eat First
We believe in being something bigger. Our leaders and managers lead by example, not from a pedestal or tower. All are an equal part of the company.

Boldly Go. Seek. Find.
We believe in taking advantage of technology. We are quick to test and implement new processes and equipment that can be more efficient or better for the environment. We have the guts to be first.

Fail Quickly And Learn
We believe in learning from mistakes. No one is penalized for trying something they thought would work. We learn, grow, and try again.

We encourage all our team members to internalize these core values as they continue to work for us. To download your own copy, click here.