Learning “Focus” in Professional Development as a Small Business Owner

Four or five months ago, I talked about a seminar I attended and the main theme was on the word “focus.”  This particular seminar included an actual follow-up, which is a bit unusual, but it served as an extension of what we discussed earlier.  This follow-up described how we as small business owners are literally inundated with information coming from all directions and as the leader of a company, it is our job to focus and prioritize what is in need of immediate work and what should be our focus for the future.  Identifying these priorities is important in establishing and accomplishing goals in different areas of our business, whether it’s sales and marketing or operations.  It’s important to place effort on surpassing your actual need within that particular area.

Reaping Early Rewards

At the end of this follow-up, we each did a self-assessment using a worksheet which covered various areas of our business including personal development, marketing, sales, operations, personnel and a few other aspects.  We started working on these areas back in November and the self-assessment puts you in the position of being your toughest critic.  The questions are very structured and pointed and they ask you to describe where you are now and if you feel this is where you need to be.  It illustrated to me that I’ve barely scratched the surface in these areas, yet I’m seeing self-improvement already.  The little tweaks you can do, simply by using their “focus” approach, can set both you and your team in motion.  I am now seeing a direct correlation with improvement in sales, revenues and profits.

After seeing this improvement in such a short time, I would definitely encourage small business owners to attend as many seminars as economically possible that put you on the road to fine-tuning both your personal and professional development.  The benefits are pretty amazing, as I’ve seen for myself, and I can testify to the fact that it is time and money well-spent.

If you would like to learn more about attending professional improvement seminars, contact me or leave a comment below.