Personally Authoring a Book to Assist Veteran Entrepreneurship

I’m of the opinion that everyone has at least one book in them and after speaking with some of my friends who are authors, apparently they agree with this philosophy, so now it’s my turn to find a book in me.  This is actually something I’ve thought about for quite some time, and through the process of sharing information through my blog posts, I’ve decided that information would be even better shared in a book format.

I think what holds a lot of people back from making the effort to write a book is simply not knowing how to write.  Taking the time to write down specific subjects or material evolving around a subject is a key component in authoring a book.  Another thing that holds people back is time and this is where my blog posts are helping me because I’ve already scheduled the time to sit down, do the podcasts, and in less than 10 minutes, my blog post material is laid out in podcast form, ready to be put into the written word.  My focus lies, of course, primarily with veteran entrepreneurship and in helping those veterans of our armed services who are interested in establishing or growing their own business.

Currently I now have well over a year’s worth of blog posts filled with information slated towards veteran-established businesses and I’ll continue to collect these blogs for a few more months before starting to compile data specific to certain subjects.  I know I could do at least a chapter on collaboration or teamwork and education alone.  I think I will end up with a very informative short book or perhaps an e-book that can be sent to people needing this kind of information.  I don’t view this book as being a moneymaker, although I’m hopeful I might get lucky some day and make enough to cover production costs and time spent in compilation.

My Vision for Writing this Book

What I really see is this book serving as a status builder; something that will promote me as the person to go to on a particular subject or someone who has the ability to relay real world examples of experiences I’ve gone through.  I believe that kind of experience has the potential to really help some people, and if the situation were reversed and I was in need of information on a subject, I would want to learn about it from someone who really lived the experience themselves.  I have stated in prior blogs that I firmly believe in continuing education and I follow TED talks, short books, informational CD’s, and other blogs so that I can learn from other people.  I also enjoy mentorship and that is something that doesn’t take up a huge amount of my time, but I cut out an hour every other week or sometimes once a month or even quarterly just to talk with someone in need of learning the ropes in my industry.

If you would like to learn more about my ventures into writing a book, I can be reached below in the comments below or by contacting me directly.