Professional Development Continues After Schooling

When I was in the military, I learned steps to professional development in my chosen career.  The military has actually offered this forever and I learned valuable leadership steps from them through courses they offered.  The sad truth is, you attend school, you attend college and maybe advanced studies, but once those are completed, you are expected to join the workforce.  While this schooling is invaluable, it doesn’t necessarily offer “hands-on” experience and this is important in the real world.  Book-learned techniques are not always applicable and you have to learn flexibility, particularly as a business owner.

Once I realized the importance of continued learning, both as a professional and in my personal life, I made it a point to attend seminars that helped me in this endeavor.  As I mentioned in my prior blog post, I recently attended a follow-up to a seminar from several months back.  It was more of a retreat where I joined 19 other colleagues from around the country and a few were even from Canada and Europe.  This follow-up took place in San Diego and, of course, that location was great this time of the year.

Seminars Offer Opportunities to Hear Key Speakers

Seminars of this nature offer a terrific chance to hear some of the top speakers out there; those who take a huge interest in our country, and in this case, it was Jim Rohn.  He has since passed away, but I am very appreciative of the chance to hear him speak.  He talked about how doing well in your business and working hard at your job can have huge rewards.  His point of view is something that really interests me and it has helped me both in my civilian life and professional career.

There are so many seminars available to business owners, but I try to choose those that will help me work in particular areas of my life.  You can find an expert out there for just about anything, but you need to decide where your focus should be and then pursue learning in that area.  Usually I begin with working on areas that I personally need improvement in and then I focus on bringing that improvement to my team.

If you would like to learn more about choosing a seminar that’s right for you, leave a comment below or contact me directly.