Specialized Waste Destruction

Standard trash incineration doesn’t burn hot enough to process every type of waste. It’s bad for the environment, is inconvenient and expensive.

Some of the waste that agencies and municipalities deal with should not be sent to landfills or burned at standard incineration facilities. These various specialized waste streams include:

  • illicit drugs
  • contraband
  • disaster general waste
  • dead animals
  • medical waste
  • glycol and used oils – petroleum or food based
  • absorbants
  • sewage sludge

When dumped in landfills unprocessed, these can negatively affect soils and water supplies. The best way to deal with these items is by thermal destruction. However, many of these items need to be burned hotter and in a starved-air process, where the gases from the burn are also heated for converting into inert ash. Standard incineration technology is environmentally sound, is inefficient, and costly.

We believe these types of waste streams can be destroyed in a better way. One that is efficient, clean, and convenient. With our mobile waste destruction capability , we can cleanly and safely destroy your specialized trash and convert it to an inert state and make it safe to dispose in any landfill. Thermal heating up to 1832 degrees, the process will reduce the volume of specialized waste streams by up to 95% of its original volume.


Before a thermal destruction

After a thermal destruction

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